WElcome to the team

Please complete all videos
and sections below prior to
your first day on the floor.


OUR shared purpose

This is the most important statement to understand and be able to recite at any time. It is essential to fulfilling our vision.

We create community by providing the finest cigar experience to people of all levels.

OUR CORE values

Everyone in the organization has their individual paddle, and everyone rows. Our core values ensure the entire team is steering us in the right direction. This is how we judge success and failure.



We pride ourselves on an active sales floor. Noone should travel the Industrial Cigar Co. journey alone. That starts with a genuine sales strategy that identifies our guest's expectations, then over delivers.

Listen first, listen second, then suggest. This goes for cigars in the humidor, and offerings in Fuselage.

OUR Brand journey

Our brand journey is our proven process to our guest's experience. The should be looked at as our step 1, 2, 3 to everyone's visit.

Suprised > Genuinely Welcomed > Excited to Return

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Cutting & lighting

Part of our hospitality service is cutting & lighting all our our guests cigars for them. But it's more than cutting and lighting, it's about a performance that begin's their cigar journey.

We Do Things Differently

We focus on systemitizing the ordinary so we can human the extraordinary.
For a list of our core processes in exact order of how we do them, please visit the below link.

See Our Core Processes

Our 10 year target

Our ultimate goal is to be the first retailer to be featured on the cover of the Cigar Aficionado Magazine as "The new face of the cigar lounge industry."

Get To Know Our Customers

“Like the products since the first try and now I’m a loyal customer. The material for the chairs here is safe for my skin, and no longer do I need to worry about my child’s sensitive skin”

Emma S

Great service and quick delivery! Got my table just after 3 days of order, and the sustainability is a plus point. What a highlight for my dining room

Jack F

Not really sure if the product meets my needs at first, but after seeing this brand’s bedroom in my friend’s house, I have no other doubts and need to buy myself one at once. Cannot deny this comfy!

Jenny P

I like the service here. Just had my first order last night and love all the tips and instructions they have given to me. Haven’t received my order yet, but this kind of service is worth 5-star rating.

Collins M

How we evaluate

The EOS System gives us the tools to evaluate everyone in the organization equally. The people analyzer will evaluate you based on how you perform the Core Values and your "GWC," or whether or not you Get It, Want It, and have the Capacity to Perform your Big 5 responsibilities.

We continuously evaluate every ICC family member, including the leadership and admin teams based.


Have any questions?

Feel free to drop us a line in our #operations Slack channel